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Our Commitment to Professionalism

We are Washington Logging & Forestry Inc. and our focus is centered entirely around a single, core principal. This principle is providing you, our client with the finest and most professional customer experience possible in the forest services industry. While this business model is relatively simple, it proves incredibly effective and fulfilling as well. We proudly and professionally serve timberland owners and investors in Washington State with an extensive list of services ranging from comprehensive monitoring and maintenance of maturing timber to harvests skillfully designed to maximize yields through proper valuation of your standing timber and merchandising your harvested material for maximum industry values at the time of harvest.





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Site-Specific Forestry Solutions

Pacific Northwest timberland owners and investors have a diverse range of forest management needs and goals. Invasive species control, road maintenance, assistance in trespass prevention, and timber harvesting, are but just a handful of the services offered by Washington Logging Inc.

Washington Logging offers a number of truly unique services that are not offered by other Washington State logging companies and forestry professionals. One such service is remote, aerial monitoring which provides our clients with nearly real-time, streaming video of their investment from an aerial perspective. See our Services page for more!

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